Ridmi is a service incubated and developed by the agency Bastille that allows to simply digitalize print contents.

Agence Bastille
Marketing, Branding, WebApp
Product Designer, UX/UI Designer


Create a product from scratch. A challenge that my agency offered me. By observing our customers' uses and their requests, we realized that all of them were lacking a simple tool to transform their printed documents into digital ones. We had already transformed a print magazine of the "La Croix-Rouge française" into a full digital version. We used this project as a basis for our interface. This is when the project begins.

The interface is quite simple, but works very well: a home page that acts as a magazine cover, with a "front page" and three call-out articles, then a menu that serves as a summary, and articles linked together by two page buttons "next" and "previous". Pretty basic. But functional.

The first interface

To create Ridmi, we had to imagine an interface that simplifies the interactions even more and comes as close as possible to the uses of paper. For the first version, we imagined a sidebar that is present during the whole navigation and that allows the user to access the summary and a fixed navigation bar on the articles that allows the user to move freely in the publication.

The library

After creating this interface which worked well, some customers started to accumulate publications on their Ridmi and this automatically brought a problem. How to easily navigate through the publication history ? That's how we came up with the kiosk, a new space in the solution that allows you to see all the publications of a client at a glance.

Back-office & development

Ridmi's solution was designed with Wordpress and ReactJS. The developer has imagined a back-office running entirely on Wordpress and a front-end dissociated in ReactJS. After two years of operation, we have reached the end of this solution that no longer supported the evolutions of Wordpress. We were also too limited in our possibilities of evolution. So we started from scratch with Laravel.  We were able to design a back-office from scratch and in our image.


Ridmi Evolved

As we changed the technical support for our solution, we took the opportunity to make the experience even simpler, more complete and more immersive. We have added bookmarks and a cross-search across all existing publications. From now on, when the user reads a publication, he or she is projected into a more minimalist, more direct immersive interface. In addition, navigation is done in infinite scroll, no more loading, no more page to page - only fluid reading.

Lab Bastille

In parallel, the Bastille lab released two other solutions, and I was able to work on a common identity for the three solutions to create a cohesion in the different offers and the design.