Parcours Patient

Enovacom is a french leader in medical interoperability who wants to digitalize experience for both the patient and the caregiver.

App, Dashboard, PWA
UX/UI Design


To meet the growing needs of hospitals, Enovacom is launching two brand new application for patients to collect all their data in one place : one for hospitals, called "Patient Link", and the other for patients, called "Carnet". Thanks to these two, hospitals will be able to reuse this data to facilitate experience for these same patients.


The challenge was to reimagine the whole user experience and save time for both professionals and patients through their daily interaction. Then, to realize the user interface following the Material Design guidelines.
I started by designing a brand new onboarding to introduce and detail the different features of the application and reassure about its powerful security.


To be able to deliver the same experience across all devices, I also designed the interfaces for tablets and desktops, which I slightly adapted according to the uses of each. The main features are based on the patient's appointments and his link with his hospitals. Based on this, I imagined a very visual dashboard allowing to visualize all the events at one glance.

Patient Link

All these patient interactions have a direct impact on the hospital that receives them. So I had the chance to also design the interfaces on the hospital side to make sure that all the data is properly processed and interfaced. Thanks to 3 personas defined beforehand by Enovacom, we were able to build a personalized homepage for everyone.

Parcours Patient


In the end, more than 200 screens were created for the application, and a little more with the hospital dashboard. Thanks to this number of screens, functional prototypes have been set up thanks to Figma to test the different uses.