Agence Bastille

Bastille is the strategic and creative agency dedicated to the general interest. I've been working with them for 8 years now, and I had the chance to design their agency website.

Agence Bastille
UX/UI Designer


The challenge for this website was to create a showcase in the image of the agency's ambitions while clearly stating their new vision. For this, we created workshops with all the members of the agency to build a site that looks like them without forgetting anyone or anything in the process.

Personae & prototyping

To create accurate user journeys, I created personae embodying each use of the site. Then, during workshops with the team, I was able to simulate, thanks to functional prototypes, the use of the site by everyone. I was then able to correct and refine the journey to create an experience as close as possible to the expectations of personae.

UI Design

The agency's new identity is made up of geometric shapes that embody part of the discourse through their form. I played with these different shapes to create an immersive and interactive visit. Since these shapes are associated with certain parts of the site and the discourse, the user can also rely on these visual cues to move through the site.

The lab

For several years, the agency has been incubating new projects outside of its regular projects. This should be perceived in the site as a separate expertise. So I created a space called "The Lab" with a dark interface that sets it apart from the rest of the site, not with geometric shapes, but with imprecise and organic forms, synonymous with projects coming to life at their own pace.

Agence Bastille

Global navigation

Every aspect of the site has been designed to meet the needs of the personae in the simplest way possible. In the end, we have a showcase website with a unique design, a fluid navigation and very simple features. It continues to be maintained today by the team.